Getting Started with KeywordMate

1.1 What is KeywordMate?
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KeywordMate is SEO software that gets you more organic search engine traffic. Smart, Simple and Fast.
KeywordMate will help you rank higher in the organic search engines results.
KeywordMate has a unique own keyword research algorithm that advices you with yes / no if its possible to easily rank in the TOP10 of the organic search results with your online business.

KeywordMate also keeps track of your competitors, gives you the right keyword suggestions in one overview, and metrics that will help grow your online business.

1.2 Why is KeywordMate different to other SEO Tools?
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When we say it’s never been easer to do-it-your-self-seo, we mean it.
KeywordMate connects your domain to its own unique algorithm to give you the metrics that your online business needs.

Easily find your high performance keywords at your fingertips. KeywordMate includes advanced features that enable you to increase awareness and drive more visitors to your site. From advanced SEO TOP10 advices, Powerful keyword suggestions on high-search volume, Ranking monitoring.

KeywordMate helps you attract more potential buyers with less effort.

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1.3 Do I need to download other programs to be able to use KeywordMate?
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No! Run your business on the go. Get unchained from your desk. Find an Analyse keywords in the comfort from any device.
1.4 What do I do first after registration?
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First, set up your personal settings. This concerns information about your domain /- website, the country in which the website is active and where your customers come from.
1.5 How does the domain connection work?
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KeywordMate connects your domain with its own unique algorithm to find the best keywords for your online business, that gives you the best chance to make more online sales.
1.6 Is it possible for me to have problems with search engines if I optimize my website with KeywordMate
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Of course not! KeywordMate was developed by experienced SEO experts and observes the guidelines of search engines with all of its measures.
1.7 How long does it take to optimize my website with KeywordMate?
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Bring the World to your website. Smart, Simple and Fast. With KeywordMate TOP10 advices you will save a lot of time finding that powerful keywords that will help your business grow online.

On average it will take your optimised keywords three to six month to settle down in the TOP10 of the organic search results. Just keep track on your keywords by using the integrated metrics “rankingscanner” in your personal dashboard.

No matter what size your business, KeywordMate
has a solution that will help you sell more

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