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KeywordMate has a unique own keyword research algorithm that helps you find powerful keywords for your website so your customers will be able to find you easily.

Powerful SEO Tool at Your Fingertips

When we say it’s never been easier to do-it-your-self-seo, we mean it.

  • Connect Your Website

    Connect Your Website

    KeywordMate connects your website to its own unique algorithm to find powerful keywords for your online business that give you the best chance to make more sales.

    KeywordMate has developed its own unique algorithm, KeywordMate helps you grow your online business by giving advices on powerful keywords so you can rank high in the organic search results.

  • Keyword Suggestions

    Keyword Suggestions

    KeywordMate includes advanced features that enable you to increase awareness and drive more organic visitors to your site. KeywordMate’s unique algorithm will help you find powerful keyword suggestions on high-search volume, that will help you attract more potential buyers.

    Focus on the things you love, we mean it. KeywordMate is amazingly simple!

  • TOP10 Advices

    TOP10 Advice

    KeywordMate connects your website with its own unique algorithm to find the best keywords for your online business, with his self learning algorithm it tells you exactly if you can rank your online business with your chosen keyword high in the organic search results of search engines.

    No matter what size your business, KeywordMate has a solution that will help you sell more.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Leave your competitors behind

    With KeywordMate you are always one step ahead your competitors. With KeywordMate you see realtime their rankings and track their development – until you pull ahead.

    Keep an eye on your competitors at each keyword!

  • Rank Tracking

    Rank Tracking

    Has never been easier in your personal dashboard filled with powerful keywords you easily can monitor and keep track of your up’s and down’s. Even your average total Ranking.

    Run your business on the go! Find and analyse keywords in the comfort from any device.

  • We’ve used KeywordMate and are hugely satisfied - KeywordMate is no exception
    Josephine L.
    California, US
  • Best. customer. service. Seriously, I opened a ticket and they were so helpful and really seemed to care about my online shop.
    Gabby V.
    Montpelier, US
  • KeywordMate was easy to set-up and more importantly, was dead simple to optimize my E-Commerce.
    Lee S.
    Boston, US
  • This is the best overall experience I have had with any SEO Tool of any kind. KeywordMate made me feel like a valued customer and I feel empowered.
    Oliver T.
    New York City, US

No matter what size your business, KeywordMate
has a solution that will help you sell more

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