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The tool you need to grow traffic

No matter what size your business, KeywordMate can help increase your online sales. KeywordMate includes advanced features that enable you to increase awareness and drive more organic visitors to your site. From advanced SEO TOP10 advices to powerful keyword suggestions on high-search volume, we help you attract more potential buyers with less effort.

Get metrics that help you grow business

KeywordMate is purpose-built to help you grow by revealing unique TOP10 position keywords and advanced keyword suggestion trends that can help you drive online sales and traffic. Use our Analytics to keep track of your ranking performance, anytime.

Run your business on the go

Get unchained from your desk. Find and analyse keywords in the comfort from any device.

Optimized for all major CMSs

It doesn’t matter which CMS or shop system you’re using, KeywordMate fits the best.

Focus on the things you love

When we say it’s never been easier to do-it-your-self-seo, we mean it. KeywordMate is amazingly simple

Customers use KeywordMate to power their websites



Per Month, Excl. Sales Tax

  •  Cloud Based
  •  Connect Your Website
  •  Keywords
  •  TOP10 Keyword Advices
  •  Competitor Analysis
  •  Ranking Monitoring
  •  Keyword Suggestions
  • Search Volume Data
  • *note: Renewal in 24 hour




Per Month, Excl. Sales Tax

  •  Cloud Based
  •  Connect Your Website
  •  Fast Friendly Support
  •  Unlimited Keywords
  •  Unlimited TOP10 Keyword Advices
  •  Unlimited Competitor Analysis
  •  Unlimited Ranking Monitoring
  •  Unlimited Keyword Suggestions
  •  Unlimited Search Volume Data
  • And more!


White Label

Price Request

Excellent business model for agencies.

  •  Cloud Based
  •  White Label Reporting
  •  Available in your corporate design


“Since we use KeywordMate, we have achieved a higher search rank — showing up as the number one result in organic listings on Google.”

Liam Miller

KeywordMate Customer

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